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Japanese Course Introduction

Features of the Syutoku Japanese Education Academy

Professional Japanese Teachers

Our experienced teachers guide each and every student to improve their academic ability and individuality. In order to cultivate Japanese language skills that can be applied in their daily lives after graduation, students are initially taught the four basic skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking). In the middle and upper classes, we will improve our student’s thinking ability and ability to read information.

Classrooms That Unite Students from Around the World

You will study alongside roughly 200 students from about 20 countries across the globe. Being a smaller school, the learning environment feels at-home for both students and teachers.

Make Life-long Friends

Our Japanese school is not just a place to “learn Japanese”. You’ll be able to make friends with people who, despite their diverse cultures and languages, share the same goal of learning Japanese. Here you’ll find meaningful encounters with people of diverse values regardless of country or culture.

Student Testimonial

  • I am very grateful for the fulfilling two years at the Syutoku Japanese Education Academy.

    Chen MaoMao (Graduated March 2019)

    From China

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