School Facilities

  • 校舎外観
    Our five-storey school building is located in a quiet residential area; the first floor consists of our offices, and above that are the classrooms.
  • 校舎入り口
  • 日本人の先生と外国籍の職員さんが常駐
    In the teaching offices on the first floor, staff will carefully consult with and support students’ studies, questions regarding higher education and life issues.
  • 進学書類作成用のコピー機やスキャナーなども完備
  • 本校の教室は全部で4つ
  • 授業用の設備・ホワイトボードを完備
  • 図書室
    There are two computers in the library, as well as materials on Japanese language studies and pamphlets for universities and vocational schools.
  • 学生たちはここで自習したり、志望校の情報を集めたりすることができます
    Students are able to study here or gather information on schools they wish to attend.
  • 西日暮里駅
    The nearest station to our school, Nishi-Nippori, connects to each area of Tokyo with the JR Yamanote line, the Subway Chiyoda line and the Nippori Toneri Liner.
  • 西日暮里駅周辺
    The area around the station is complete with convenience stores, restaurants, book stores, banks and post office. The school is around 10 minutes’ walk from there.