Message to Students

Greetings from the Academy President

Syutoku Japanese Education Academy was established in August 2010, and since then has continued to provide educational support to exchange students who come to Japan with a dream. The Great East Japan Earthquake hit soon after the school’s establishment but, despite that difficult time, the staff and students worked together to overcome their hardships.
As a result of this experience, students enrolled at our academy believe in the following two principles:
– Not lying to others
– Taking responsibility for oneself
Human beings can not live alone.
There are so many things that we can not do alone.
However, if you adhere to the two principles above, there will always be someone to help you.
Before you are able to begin your studies, I want you first to become trustworthy human beings.
Our academy is committed to establishing the humanity of current students.
In the past, I came to this foreign land called Japan as an exchange student like all of you.
It was extremely difficult to fit into this new environment with the language barrier and cultural differences.
If you are thinking of studying in Japan in the future,
You will surely have the same issues that I did at the time.
“It is possible no matter how difficult it may be.”
Never forget your purpose for coming to Japan, and the dreams you want to achieve. Take full responsibility and follow things through til the end.
Find those dreams, and work hard until you have a deeper understanding of yourself.
Our academy will support each and every one of you to realize those dreams, without anybody dropping out.

Business Philosophy

The cultivation of globally-minded individuals

(In Japan) Maintaining a stable life through higher education or employment. (Outside Japan) Being able to use what you’ve learned in Japan even after returning to your home country or another foreign country.

Business Guidelines

Zero illegal residents: to never have a single student get stuck in life and give up on their dreams.

  • Both in daily life and academically
  •  Guarantee of quality education (emphasis on attendance and value)
  •  Verification of part-time jobs
  • Developing plans for the future
  •  Guidance counseling
  •  Career counseling

Full implementation guidance counselling: providing guidance counselling on a one-on-one basis tailored personally to each student.

  • School admissions
  •  Graduate School
  •  University
  •  Vocational school
  • Finding employment
  •  Full-time employment at foreign/Japanese companies overseas
  •  Temporary staff
  •  Returning to your home country
  •  And more


  1. Students, staff members and teachers work together to create an environment of mutual respect.
  2. We support our students by trying to understand their viewpoint as much as possible.
  3. We adhere to high ethical values as a part of our society, and thus contribute to both the growth of the school and the advancement of society.
  4. We do not make statements or take any actions that may hurt others.