Japanese Course Short-term Course

Japanese Course

Short-term Course(3 months)

Entry Requirements

Admission time

In principle, Admission time is April & October
※We will conduct entrance examination according to the class size and Japanese language ability.
If the student intends to enroll in July, please contact us.

Study Period

3 months(※After the 3 month course is over, you can apply to continue the class.)


Course   Enrollment Fee Tuition Materials Fee Total
3months 1st 10,000 150,000 5,000 165,000
After 1st   150,000 5,000 155,000

About the return of tuition

Short-term courses cannot be dropped out of school and the corresponding tuition fees cannot be refunded.

Points for Attention

– The “Enrollment Permit” for short-term courses does not guarantee that 100% of students can apply for a visa and enter Japan.
– Short-term courses are equivalent to short-term long-term courses. Course content, class time and rest days are based on long-term courses.
– Short-term courses cannot apply for student ID

Class Timetable